Fair participation:

20th – 22nd April 2018 / VIP opening on 19.04.2018

 XPOST Cologne (Gladbacher Wall 5, 50670 Cologne) 


5. Cologne LIST 2018 – the discoverer fair for contemporary art


Artist: SIMONE DE SAREE manna – manna 2.0 / Cameroon project

Born in Cologne, Simone de Saree is a freelance artist, photographer and ophthalmologist (atelier in Bonn). After studying at the Faber Castell Academy in Stein (near Nuremberg) in 2007-2013 as a master student of Markus Kronberger and Prof. Jörg Bachhofer, she developed – in addition to drawing, photography and installations – her graphic work (intagliototypes). Since 2016, Simone de Saree also studies photography at the Photo Academy in Bonn.


Her fascination for medicine "influences her artistic work, especially when she plays with the viewing habits of the observer and special visual stimuli. (...) In addition, her medical training gives her the opportunity – for example in the context of development aid – to travel, where she gets a less touristic insight into the lives of other cultures, and then prepares them in the form of artistic projects. "Text: Laura Kubitzek


The graphic series manna (biblical heavenly bread) was created in 2017 on the occasion of the employment of Simone de Saree as a photographer and ophthalmologist in the "Manna Eye Clinic" in Nkongsamba / Cameroon – Help for Africa e.V. Founded in 2003, by the German ophthalmologist Dr. med. Elisabeth Herz the Ophthalmology Clinic is a courageous and labor-intensive project and an indispensable institution in northwest Cameroon / Central Africa. manna (2017) and manna2.0 (2018) are sensually poetic and at the same time narrative snapshots of people confronted with their fate. The pictures outline portraits of the clinic's staff and their interaction with the patients as well as their personal reactions to a new, incomprehensible world. The facial expressions and gestures of the protagonists tell of a grief but also of trust and devotion at the same time.


The manna series occupies a special position in the artistic work of Simone de Saree. Here the artist distances herself from her otherwise minimalist abstract language of forms and becomes figuratively. She likes to work with light situations, shadows and focussing on details. The chosen perspective in the manna series creates an order and calm in the picture. Inspired by Cameroon's colors – especially by the bright cadmium yellow and brilliant cobalt blue – the artist uses the color combination in her two-color intagliotypes: the splashes of color in manna (2017) can be seen predominantly in the patterns of the clothing. In manna2.0 (2018) it is linear color and font gradients that discreetly enliven the scenery and focus the viewer's attention and allow him to participate more actively in the event.


The work of the artist manna – manna 2.0 was selected by the jury of this year 's COLOGNE LIST for the limited edition of the fair among numerous applicants. An image will be printed on high-quality paper with an edition of 10+1 and presented exclusively at our booth (P 04). One copy goes into the inventory of the COLOGNE LIST Collection.

Kölner Stadtanzeiger I August 28, 2017
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Rundschau I August 28, 2017
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Cologne List 20.-22. April 2018 / Simone de Saree "manna – manna 2.0": selected for the limited Cologne List Edition