Use art as a link between business and society. Art touches not only the senses: art moves, connects, mediates, motivates and creates new visions. Art is also an image factor. I am pleased to work out an innovative project for you and realize it in your company.


Thank you for your support of the ART:

The works by Ariel Shallit (New York) were presented for the first time in Europe in a solo show "Re-Imagined" at the BERLIN LIST 15th - 18th September 2015 at the Kraftwerk Berlin with the kind support of Rogator AG Nuremberg and in cooperation with the Gallery Art at Gendarmenmarkt, Hotel Hilton Berlin.


The owner of ROGATOR AG – the renowned company in the field of online market research – discovered the talented artist in New York. With his engagement for art, he helped Ariel Shallit gain more public attention. Today, Ariel successfully expands in Miami and New York.


For the exhibition "passion for country – the new longing for home. painting & sculpture by Anja Brumm" (in the Gallery ART&OLD | 12th May - 20th June 2015) I was able to win the magazine LandLust as a cooperation partner. Since the end of 2009, the lifestyle public magazine has been the market leader in the segment of living magazines and is presenting the reader the beautiful aspects of rural life.


The works of Anja Brumm arose in a rural context and reveal a strong relationship to rural life. At the vernissage the guests were invited to the art & nature pleasure with double bass sounds, prosecco & bread. Following the event they got the current issue of LandLust.

The base of selected clay roof tiles for the large-scale installation "Seven Deadly Sins" by Michael Matthaeus Martha (Fürth)  was kind supported by the company historical elements Olaf Elias, Marwitz/Brandenburg. The base was during the exhibition "virtue, pleasure & vice" (in the Gallery ART&OLD | 14th February - 2nd June 2015) a special historic highlight.


The pottery industry has a long tradition in Brandenburg: TIn 1835 the rich clay deposits in Velten produced a unique settlement of furnace factories in a narrow area. Even renowned ceramic companies settled in and around Velten, like the stone factory Velten-Vordamm or the Hedwig Bollhagen in Marwitz. Their ceramic legacy is on the list of national treasures.


impressions: Simone de Saree "manna – manna 2.0" Cologne List 20.-22. April 2018